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Rand PaulRepublican, KYCurrent Position:Senatorsince January 01, 2011
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"Chicago has proposed giving ID cards to illegal aliens. This card can be used to vote. Should the DOJ intervene?"
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A Look Back At Obama Clinton Foreign Policy
This article has specifics on whether our recent foreign policy has been effective.
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Michael Flynn, the disgraced former National Security Adviser, campaigned for a Republican congressional candidate in California Friday, making it his first public appearance since pleading guilty to lying to the FBI last December....more
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired on Friday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced....more
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election has been clouded by revelations that two former members of his team sent negative text messages about President Trump....more
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Facts & StatsTo balance lawmaking and keep less-populated states on a level playing field with larger-populated states, each state gets two Senate seats and a pro-rated number of House seats, with that number determined by the number of people in that state as a percentage of total population. Hence, large population states like California and New York get more House seats than smaller population states like Rhode Island or Idaho. However, since proposed laws (called bills) have to pass both the Senate and the House, then be accepted by the President, to become actual laws, neither smaller or larger states have an unfair advantage.
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Boston Mayor Martin Walsh comments on medical marijuana dispensariesBoston Mayor Martin Walsh comments on medical marijuana dispensariesMarch 20, 2016
VIEWPOINTWe Don't Have A Taxing Problem, We Have A Spending Problem

Believe it or not, revenues coming into the US Government last year were a record high of $3.25 trillion. Unfortunately, the government spent a record $3.68 trillion. This can't keep happening!

Our National Debt is at an astronomical $20 trillion, yet all we hear is cries for "pay their fair share" or "tax the rich", when in fact we've been doing just that for years. In fact, as you can see by the tables below, revenues in the last five years alone have risen from $2.30 trillion to $3.25 trillion. The problem is we keep spending way more than we are taking in!

Federal Revenues, in trillions (source = http://usgovernmentspending.com)