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Articles To 'Rate, Debate, And Educate' Yourself

Below are articles on political issues affecting you and other Americans. Most articles take the non-partisan approach fostered by our website where we attempt to educate, not persuade, voters. For certain hot topics, however, we do include both Left- and Right-Leaning articles that allow voters to see both sides of the issue; those opinion articles are clearly marked as such.

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SALT – Be Careful What You Wish For

Removal of SALT deductions have potential negatives for Republican states. More >>
Can You Believe What College Students Believe?

What is happening to our youth? Most people believe that every generation changes.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Sticks And Stones Can Break My Bones But NOW Words Can Hurt Me?

Afraid to give your opinion or having a rational discussion for fear of being beat up or your company blacklisted? More >>
It May Not Be Reported, But Trump Is Making America Great Again

You wouldn’t know it by listening to the mainstream media, but President Trump won 84% of all counties in the 2016 election. More >>
Has America Become A Complainer Nation?

From our TV to our newspapers to our theaters and now to our football, America has moved from a world superpower to a complainer nation.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Conservatives in 2018: Will They Vote For Trump Or Vote For Republicans?

The 2018 elections are shaping up to be a barn-burner. More >>
Do Republicans Realize That They Are Republicans?

It used to be that Republicans stood for free-market, conservative principles among other things. More >>
Should NFL Players Who Take A Knee Be Told To Take A Hike?

Almost every American believes in our First Amendment Right to free speech, but is "Taking a Knee" during the National Anthem disrespectful?

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Do Voters Have 'Excessive Expectations'?

Senate Majority Leader McConnell recently stated that President Trump has “excessive expectations”. More >>
Trump Says “The Sky Is Blue”, The Media Says “It Isn’t”. What The Heck!

Anyone notice that most of the mainstream media disagrees with absolutely everything the President says? More >>
Should We Repeal And Replace Our Politicians?

Perhaps it is time to teach some basic American concepts to our politicians. More >>
Is Liberalism Better?

Donald Trump won over 80% of all counties in the United States in the last election for a reason. More >>
Collusion Or Illusion?

In an attempt to be a well-informed voter, I used to watch both CNN and Fox News in equal parts. More >>
What Canadians Think Of Us

In a recent trip to our neighbors in the north, I was surprised to hear from multiple Canadians on what they thought about us.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Travel Ban Back In Effect

On June 26th, the Supreme Court unanimously reinstated President Trump’s Travel Ban that restricted travel to the U.S. from six countries.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
What Is At The End Of The Rainbow For Democrats?

What will the Democrats do once it is proven there was no collusion between Trump and Russia?

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
RINOs Should Become RIYESs

Here we are, one week after the Comey testimony where the former FBI Director stated that President Trump was not under investigation. More >>
Why RINOs Should Become RIYES

Here we are, one week after the Comey testimony where the former FBI Director stated that President Trump was not under investigation.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Immigration: Assimilation or Colonization?

The following is a short article citing some outside-the-box thinking on immigration. More >>
Trump Is Not The Russian Puppet, The Dems Are

Are you tired of hearing over and over again that Russia affected our elections? That Trump is a “Russian Puppet”?

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Get The Government Out Of My Health Care - Hopes For The Senate Plan

The House recently passed their version of a repeal and replacement plan for Obamacare. Unfortunately, it has too many similarities to Obamacare More >>
Why The Left Is Too Bold

You might have noticed that things are getting out of hand politically in America.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Are we too polarized?

The differences between the left and right have always been there, but to me the level of polarization has clearly steadily increased recently. More >>
The Republicans Should Be The Ones Complaining

Since the 2016 election of President Trump, all the Democrats have done is complain. Not just on one issue, but on everything. More >>
Is America Too Polarized?

America is at a tipping point where we either do the things that really matter for our country or drown in anarchy.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
According To A Former Democratic Congressman, He Was Wiretapped Too

President Trump recently stated that the Obama Administration had 'wiretapped' Trump Tower. Someone of the left says he may be right.

Facts | Left Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Why Would Russia Want Trump To Win?

A story repeated over and over on the mainstream media since the summer of 2016 was that Donald Trump was somehow a puppet of Russia. More >>
Why Are The Democrats Complaining So Much?

In what was arguably the biggest political upset in decades, Donald Trump won election as President of the United States in 2016.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
A Month Later: How has President Trump done?

We are now a little over a month into President Trump’s presidency. How has he done? More >>
What Happened To Praising Our Leaders?

We have gone from praising to belittling our leaders, and from learning to disregarding our media.

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question
Senate Democrats Boycotting Hearings: Pros & Cons

Senate Democrats this week have refused to attend several committee votes on President Trump’s nominees, saying they would boycott the nominations.

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
The First Obamacare Replacement Idea

Two GOP senators have unveiled an Obamacare replacement bill: a state-centric plan they hope will garner bipartisan support.

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question
Does NATO Need An Update?

President Donald Trump has repeatedly sent ripples through the U.S. national security establishment on NATO.

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question
Trump Inherits Big Mess

Amidst all of the political rancor during this election season, has anyone noticed that Trump will be inheriting a big mess?

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
We Don’t Have a Taxing Problem, We Have a Spending Problem

If we’ve had such a huge increase in tax receipts, why has our National Debt grown so much?

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
The Facts About Illegal Immigration And Crime

Advocates on both sides of the illegal immigration debate have strong convictions.

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question
Is College Too Liberal?

Are conservatives correct to complain about college campuses being too liberal?

Facts | Right Opinion | Poll Question | Debate Question
Russia: Friend or Foe?

What should we consider when deciding if Russia is our friend or foe? Consider these points.

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question
Why “Political Correctness” On Immigration Isn’t Correct

We have thousands of people every year crossing our borders or overstaying their visa permissions illegally.

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question
Should Trump Drop The Unemployment Rate And Use The Labor Participation Rate As The Country’s Metric For Jobs?

This articles states why the Labor Participation Rate is a far better metric for jobs in the U.S. than the Unemployment Rate

Facts | Poll Question | Debate Question