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Thomas Edsall, New York Times
In the Trump era, an age-old argument takes on a new twist....more
Henry Olsen, City Journal
Reforms to the Democratic Party's superdelegate system will make it easier for a progressive candidateâ??like the California senatorâ??to win the presidential nomination....more
Brady & Parker, RealClearPolitics
Election results from Virginia, Alabama and last week’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District show that President Trump appears to have considerable weakness among women voters, particularly those with a college education. In addition, our August 24, 2017 RealClearPolitics analysisshowed Trump’s growing weakness among Independents. In this article, we look at the president’s job approval ratings, focusing on these same two segments of the electorate. ...more
Liz Peek, The Hill
The solution to the problem is not government intervention but increased customer sophistication....more
Paul Starr, The American Prospect
It is now clear that the most frightening threats to ordinary politics in the United States are empty or easily contained. … The sky is not falling and no lights are flashing red.” So wrote two distinguished historians, Samuel Moyn and David Priestland, in an article in The New York Times last August. With surprising confidence only a half-year into the Trump administration, they warned not against dangers to democracy, but against “tyrannophobia,” the irrational fear of tyrants. ...more
Democrat Conor Lamb announced Wednesday that his Republican opponent, Rick Saccone, has conceded in the close special election last week for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District.
Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has so far discussed with President Donald Trump's lawyers four main topics they want to talk about with the President.
White House chief of staff John Kelly is furious about the quick leak of a warning to President Donald Trump to not congratulate his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for his re-election, a White House official said.
Larry Elder, Investor's Business Daily
Conservative watchdog organization Media Research Center examined the nightly news coverage of President Donald Trump on ABC, NBC and CBS in January and February and concluded that the stories were 91 percent negative. One consistent narrative, particularly given the recent firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, is that "chaos" reigns in the Trump White House. ...more
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
It was the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky who coined the phrase the “dustbin of history.” To his political opponents, he sputtered, “You are pitiful, isolated individuals! You are bankrupts. Your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on — into the dustbin of history!” ...more
President Donald Trump is striking back at former Vice President Joe Biden for suggesting he would "beat the hell out of" Trump if they were in high school.
Matt Rosenberg, NY Times
John O. Brennan said Russia may have compromising information on President Trump, setting off furious speculation about whether the former spy chief was basing that assertion on inside information....more
Eric Wilson, Politico
The social media company has become a rogue actor, accountable to nobody....more
Victor Davis Hanson, Defining Ideas
Even in the mostly egalitarian city-states of relatively poor classical Greece, the wealthy were readily identifiable. A man of privilege was easy to spot by his remarkable possession of a horse, the fine quality of his tunic, or by his mastery of Greek syntax and vocabulary. ...more
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
There's simply no way to fix the fake news and data abuse problems without destroying the social network's business model....more
Ben Shapiro, Investor's Business Daily
Bill Murray, NBC News
Matt Lewis, The Daily Beast
Peter Berkowitz, RCP
Atef Abu Saif, New York Times
More of the same means that things are only getting worse. And yet....more
President Donald Trump's attorney plans to appeal a New York Supreme Court judge's decision to allow a defamation lawsuit against the President to go forward.
Alfredo Ortiz, The Hill
More towns and cities in California are exploring options to follow the suit of the Los Alamitos Council and reject the state’s sanctuary law....more
A North Carolina politician has allegedly been misidentifying herself as a nurse online, drawing the ire of the state’s nursing board earlier this week....more
Former Obama administration EPA directors spent as much or even more on international travel than the agency’s current chief, Scott Pruitt, who is facing widespread criticism for wasteful spending....more
Robert Mueller's Russia investigation looms larger for President Donald Trump every day, but when it comes to legal jeopardy, the President has far more to worry about than just the special counsel.
Congress plans to unveil a massive bipartisan $1.3 trillion spending package Wednesday that will keep the government funded until the end of September.
Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, a Democrat who said he was “thrown under the bus” when he was fired in 2015 by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, released a video Wednesday evening announcing he’s running for mayor....more
As Congress creeps closer to a government shutdown deadline, leaders unveiled a $1.3 trillion plan to fund the federal government through September on Wednesday night.
President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama sent a letter to the students of Majory Stoneman Douglas           High School, commending them on their actions, saying they “helped awaken the conscience of the nation.”...more
Congressional Republican leaders released the final version of a proposed $1.3 trillion spending bill Wednesday evening, approximately 52 hours before the deadline to avoid a partial government shutdown....more
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not give a direct answer when asked Wednesday if the social media site had an impact on the results of the 2016 election.
Give Mark Zuckerberg credit: He sat for an interview with CNN amid the worst run of media attention ever for the company he founded in a Harvard dorm room 14 years ago.
Republican Rick Saccone conceded defeat to Democrat Conor Lamb in a special U.S. House election in southwestern Pennsylvania Wednesday, eight days after voters went to the polls....more
Attorney General Jeff Sessions' private attorney said Wednesday that the attorney general is not under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller's office for perjury related to statements made at his confirmation hearing.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions' longtime personal lawyer said Wednesday that Sessions is not the subject of a federal criminal investigation for allegedly perjuring himself during his confirmation hearing....more
President Donald Trump told Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant in a phone call this week that he would be sitting out the state's special election, an administration official tells CNN.
The Environmental Protection Agency released documents to a House committee this week that show Scott Pruitt took more than $105,000 worth of first class flights during his first nine months as administrator, but the agency did not appear to turn over the waivers that are federally required to allow him to take flights in an upgraded cabin.
Top Trump campaign brass spent the summer of 2016 grappling with how to build a digital operation for the general election and came upon a possible solution: Cambridge Analytica.
Sen. Rand Paul, who forced a brief government shutdown last month, won't say whether he will hold up the massive spending deal Congress is expected to unveil Wednesday, citing the lack of a bill.
As Republicans gear up for a tough midterm election year, party leaders are pointing to their success in passing the tax overhaul last year as the key to preventing a Democratic wave in November. Some are even suggesting a second round of cuts.
President Trump is expected to level “protective” tariffs and “investment restrictions” against China on Thursday, White House officials told Fox News....more
“How do you know it is a bad day?”...more
President Donald Trump called out special counsel Robert Mueller in a series of typo-ridden tweets Wednesday morning, continuing his recent aggressive attacks on the Russia probe.
A few weeks after he was elected president of the United States, Donald Trump had an idea. In between meetings with future Cabinet secretaries and well-wishers in his office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower in New York, the President-elect decided he would require his White House staff to sign non-disclosure agreements -- just like he had done for years with employees at the Trump Organization.
President Donald Trump defended his decision on Wednesday to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection, despite the fact that his national security aides cautioned him against it.
Donald Trump doesn't care what anyone thinks about his puzzling relationship with Vladimir Putin -- that includes his own foreign policy team, Republican senators and US allies.
Two companies that provided hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Jared Kushner's family's business are disputing any connection between those deals and meetings their executives had with Kushner at the White House.
The White House and the CIA are preparing to fight a fierce battle over the nomination of President Donald Trump's pick to head the agency, Gina Haspel, who is already facing strong opposition over her participation in Bush-era interrogation programs.