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Dennis RossRepublican, FLCurrent Position:Congressmansince January 01, 2011
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Welcome to AllAboutPolitics, a forum where people of all political persuasions come together in a strictly spin-free zone where insights are more important than insults and civil discourse matters more than stinging soundbites.

It doesn't matter where you are on the political spectrum - Democrat, Independent, or Republican - AllAboutPolitics is the place to be for intelligent political debate, unvarnished facts and stats, and access to local and national politicians.

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    Just who is behind a politician's campaign? Sometimes you'd be surprised at who, and how much, is backing a certain politician.
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    How much oil do we import from the Middle East? What is the growth rate in Medicaid spending? What are the facts about gun usage? How often have you heard voters – and politicians – make incorrect statements about something political? You can use our hundreds of Facts & Stats to help educate voters to make informed voting decisions.
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